Unsocially medial

After a documentary was shot about me by the ORF (Austrian broadcasting corporation), my students bore the grandious idea to hoast an official facebook page for me for people who were interested in our activities to have a place to get to know exactly those. In just a wink, we had more “likes” than the official page of the Palpung lineage.

I almost deemed it obscene, especially since people seemed to have little interest in our work, rather in personal gossip about my person who could not be less interesting! Of course, like everyone else, I do have a past but this – as the name suggests already – is long time gone. Hence I arranged for the deletion of this very page and instead asked “my friends” to transfer to of our activities’ page, Palpung Europe.

That which makes “me” is our lineage’s blessing. My Guru filled me with the same, just as much as with abundant instructions, ritual, meditation and more. That is what “I” stand for: this unbiased love I received, the means and methods to develop them myself; to share all the Splendor on earth, Shangrila in my heart, Paradise in the Now with those both ready and wilfull to receive exactly those.

Meanwhile my personal facebook account is being bombarded with “friend requests”, mostly by young single men whilst at the same time sending obvious messsages. Once, a middle aged American soldier couldn’t let go of me and paid curt to me through his personal messages.

Let alone all the other gossip which seems to constitute social media. Gossip always comes from our disturbing emotions, our greed, jealousy, arrogance, our attachment, aversion and finally our ignorance! Everything that we Buddhist wish to transform into wisdom.

The documentary is still being aired on all German speaking TV stations up and down and I still do not want to become your best friend, your partner, your wife, your buddy or any other kind of mate.

“I” am but that very in-between giving you the means and ways Lord Buddha had left us some 2600 years ago in order for us to develop exactly the same state of perfection he did, the switch for the light of the lineage to reach your hearts.

Chöje Lama Palmo