We are giving home to some animals with farming background in our Retreat Institute which are old, handicapped or else disadvantaged and would else not found space for their autumn of life. They would have else hardly found a living place, to not at all. Currently we have fifteen feral cats (and rising) and are gratefully accepting food for them (both in actual food as well as in money through our donation button on the right). More animals will follow as soon as we will have created accommodation space for them.

To protect nature, we are acitvely involved in local projects such as disposing of waste in nature, have compost piles and feeders for animals installed in all our houses, insect hotels, heaps of autumn leaves for hedgehogs and so much more.

Chöje Lama Palmo is actively involved in pastoring inmates, training some of her students to become pastors, too.

With regard to refugees we are to the best of our capacity punctually involved in local projects and initiatives in Großgerungs and Purkersdorf.