In line with the Buddhist tradition of saving lives, we are creating a safe space for farm animals, often from cruel situations. Currently in our Retreat Institute, we are giving home to a pack of old, handicapped or else disadvantaged feral cats that would else not found space for their autumn of life, or being euthanized. They are living in their kennel free retreat and hospice, receive ongoing medical care and adequate, and hiqh quality food. We are gratefully accepting support for them.

To protect nature, we are acitvely involved in local projects such as disposing of waste in nature, have compost piles and feeders for animals installed in all our houses, insect hotels, heaps of autumn leaves for hedgehogs and so much more. Most particularly, we created biotopes in our houses, giving refuge to a multitude of animals.

Chöje Lama Palmo is actively involved in pastoring inmates, training some of her students to become pastors, too.

We are to the best of our capacity punctually, directly and indirectly involved in local projects and initiatives in the Waldviertel and Wienerwald, such as the distribution of toys or school supplies.