About us

Palpung Europe is the European Seat of Guru Vajradhara H. H. Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa, particularly for all German speaking dharma students in Europe. It is situated in Austria in the heart of Europe and has been existing since 1997. It was established by its Head Lama, Chöje Lama Palmo.

Palpung Europe with its Buddhist Institutes, the City Institute in Purkersdorf and the Retreat Institute in Langschlag, and all its activities is dedicated to preserving the unbroken pure lineage of Buddha Dharma in order to serve humanity,  bringing harmony and peace to all sentient beings. Interreligious exchange is being actively pursued.

How you may personally benefit from us:

Buddhist ceremonies: personal interviews, house blessings, Buddhist ceremonies, vows, precepts and prayers, such as in the case of someone’s death, birth, weddings, etc., both in one’s own name or for someone else by our resident Lama. Read more

Teachings on all levels: You don’t need to be a Buddhist to attend our open teachings and open meditation instructions. As Buddhists, in order to deepen your understanding you may attend our retreats under the guidance of a qualified teacher.
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Our books and practice material: Our books are translated into a fresh and very beautiful contemporary German, containing Tibetan proper which makes them a useful source for studying and practicing the Buddhadharma. Read more

Becoming part of our community in whichever way suits you. You don’t need to be a Buddhist to take part in our manyfold actitivies such as Mothers’ day, the celebration of our teachers, film evenings to become part of our “family”, or just come over to our volonteers’ days. Read more

Becoming part of our social engagement: We deem it necessary to besides meditation and prayer actively practice compassion and are hence involved in few local projects. You are welcome to become part of our engagement.
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