Palpung Europe is, according to Austrian law organised as a society.

Name and location

Palpung Europe
ZVR 906464382
Siebenhöf 10
A-3921 Langschlag

Account information

Palpung Europe
Raiffeisenbank Wienerwald
IBAN: AT253266700000237149

Purpose (excerpt)

The Society’s activities are not meant for financial gain. Its single and sole purpose is charitable and non-profit. It was established for the common welfare and is dedicated to the altruistic support and propagation in its sustainable commitment for an inclusive and better social togetherness, free of distinction of individuals’ creed, background, social standing, ideology, philosophy ethnicity or nationality. The society is exclusively non-politically active.

Basic orientation of this website

The present website is the society’s offer of information in the web. Information concerning the society is being provided here.