Supporting Palpung Europe:

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We can only keep up with our activities for the benefit of all sentient beings with your help and accept your support gratefully in order to continue making Buddha’s precious teachings available to everyone.

Palpung Europe is, according to Austrian law organised as an accredited charitable society. We solely finance from volontary aid and means and do not receive any allocations from the government, public authorities or institutions, organizations or possible national or international umbrella organizations.

No wages or allocations of any kind are being paid, each and every Euro is being used directly and after covering our fix costs goes into our many activities. We finance by means of donations, membership, events in our houses, etc.

You may support us by contributing


Becoming a

member in our

legal society

ideally: with no further

obligations arising


supporting: with a yearly

minimum contribution of € 50


Donations once, recurring, project-bound, etc. 


Miscellaneous activities such as charities,

in coordination with our secretariat.