How you may support Palpung Europe

Palpung Europe is the European Seat of Guru Vajradhara H. H. Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpaparticularly for all German speaking dharma students in Europe. It was established and built in 1997 by Chöje Lama Palmo and is headed by her.

Whilst the City Institute is nearly finished, the construction and of our Retreat Institute is ongoing. While 97% of the construction is complete, owing to the war in Europe, we are currently stuck due to material costs and mortgage rates, having multiplied by the many.

With overall costs of 4 Mio. Euros  of which we still owe more than 3 Mio Euros in loan, we kindly ask for your help to pay back the loan.

If you wish to donate directly, here is our account info:

Palpung Europe
IBAN: AT253266700000237149