Offer butterlamps

In our institutes butterlamps are being offered regularly with prayers as part of a ceremony conducted by Chöje Lama Palmo whilst those who sponsored the lamps are part of the ceremony, their names being integrated into the prayers. (You may also attend the ceremony. Contact the office should you wish to be physically present.)

Offering butterlamps symbolises Buddha Shakyamuni’s enlightenment just as much as the intention to attain enlightenment. Butterlamps offered this way are best offered in front of the representations of fully awakened wisdom, loving kindness and compassion.

We are regularly offering butterlamps in our institutes. Butterlamps can be both offered in one’s own name and in the name of others, in difficult times or in times of transition since the light being offered with prayers helps to sooth suffering and bring forth greater joy in times of sickness, insecurity and death.