After having having been introduced to the nature of our mind, we practice and let our heart, that we now know for sure, shine uniterruptedly, until it blossoms fully and becomes indestructable, beyond all methods.

There are different approaches to practicing Mahamudra, the Sutra and Tantra transmissions. In Kagyu, we have three important Mahamudra practice transmissions by the 9th Karmapa Wangchug Dorje, namely Mahamudra Ocean of Certainty, Pointing out the Dharmakaya, Dispelling the Darkness of Ignorance

Mahamudra Ocean of Certainty is currently yearly being taught by Guru Vajradhara to an international audience in India as a 7 years’ transmission starting from the very beginning, with 12 preliminaries, elaborating into hundreds of gradually building up practices of Abiding peacefully and superior Insight  until the student is being introduced to the nature of his mind and from then on guided and instructed to deepen their meditation, prolongue it and become Mahamudra.

Instructions and transmissions need to be given by an authentic master of a genuine, living lineage and the progress of the student overseen and guided.

Artwork: Lama Palmo, © Palpung Europe