Greed is one of those disturbing emotions keeping us imprisoned in the ever lasting cycle preventing us from experiencing happiness as a constant and lasting experience of contentment which ultimate goal is complete freedom of mind, Buddhist enlightenment.

Its direct antidote taught by Lord Buddha is generosity, one of our basics. We step by step learn that “to give is more blessed than to receive”, a sentence that could not be more Buddhist.

Therefore, we start with outer generosity, of things for example. We all are happy when we bring joy to our beloved ones. On that we build and learn that which I usually call solidarity – to dissolve that very border of my, my family, my friends by all people, all creatures, all sentient beings.

That ist to step by step transfrom the dichotomy between I and all others into a holistic perception by means of compassion and to recognize that all and everything is interconnected.

Chöje Lama Palmo