Palpung Europe Project
Palpung Europe Project
Palpung Europe Projekt (PEP) and how you may help how to complete the European Seat of H. H. Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa.

Our program 2018
In our program 2018, both Buddhists as well as Newcomers and interested individuals may step by step learn how to be truly happy.

Our activities
Read more about our activities of both present and past for peace and harmony in the world, in overview, dating back to 2004.
Supporting us
You are welcome to contribute to our activities in manyfold ways.
Our social engagement
Social engagement is important to us. We are actively and ongoingly involved in local projects with regard to inmate pastoring, environment and refugees.
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Our interreligious exchange
We are actively involved in the interreligious dialogue for a better together for harmony and peace in this world.