Hoisting prayer flags

In our institutes prayerflags are being usually hoisted twice a year, around Mothers’ Day and World Peace Day with prayers as part of a ceremony conducted by Chöje Lama Palmo whilst those who sponsored the prayerflags are part of the ceremony, their names being integrated into the prayers. (You may also attend the ceremony. Contact the office should you wish to be physically present.)

The tradition to raise prayer flags has a long tradition and can be traced back to Atisa who taught the Tibetans to print prayers on cloth and to hang them into the wind. The flags contain various sutras, prayers, mantras, powerful symbols and particular colors.

To raise prayer flags is a wonderful method to carry all the blessing of mantras and prayers throughout all directions with the power of the wind, as far as the wind can carry them. It can contribute to harmonizing our surroundings silently, protecting our land, to calm down fear and negative energies, protect the environment, and to increase contentment and well-being between beings.

It is very meritorious to raise prayer flags, one may also avoid sicknesses, prolongue life, become more successful, etc. It is said that raising a flag at the size of a man brings the same merit for the time it flatters as reciting the six syllable mantra of Chenrezig 100.000 times.