Why should you support our institutes?

A dharma center is not the house of a lama, it is a consecrated place of Buddha, dharma and sangha. Dharma institutes are generally places where merit and wisdom for the benefit of all sentient beings are accumulated.

Merit is a strong and neccessary means on the path, to reveil the intrinsic wisdom of an open heart in our continuum.

Our houses, especially our Retreat Institute are places where loving kindness, compassion and clarity are generated so that the light of serenity and peace springing forth from it, may be shared with all living beings in order for living wisdom to shine even brighter into the world.

We give in devotion and in compassion, without expecting anything in return: in our practice, in our maintainance of the center, in our contributing financially, or any other means. We give with the motivation that it may assist all sentient beings to attain enlightenment.

Here you may learn how to put your hands on or support us and watch Guru Vajradhara’s blessing video.