Short news

Chöje Lama Palmo in Palpung Sherab Ling, November 2018

Dear disciples, friends, everyone connected with Palpung Europe and myself,

You surely read my three articles I wrote since my current sickness occured. Today, I would like to inform you that I intend to use the long convalescence from chemo to spend the coming time in some kind of break with more time to practice, too, until further notice. I have countless medical appointments to keep, hopefully the next CT will erase the uncertainty of the last one, I am extraordinarily weak and since construction of our retreat institute is still underway I imploringly ask you to contribute to having our project survive the difficult times und furthermore, as soon as Corona measures allow, to contribute hands on in order for the premises offering us a beautiful place in Europe and the unique opportunity to practice in a big institute in accordance with our lineage under guidance, to be completed. Starting with January, we shall open the doors to our retreat institute and whoever wants to practice here, shall be able to do so.

During my convalescence I will continue to do the entire handling, planning, material ordering, negotiations, etc. myself for various reasons I mentioned in the last 3 articles, last not least, in order for the best possible outcome to occur and to receive best conditions. Meanwhile, I am able to talk again but my body still is a whole different story. I am now training on learning to walk again and bodily coordination, which might take up to five years. Therefore I need to cut down on practically everything since I have been working like a mule all these years since my Supreme Guru Vajradhara had sent me to Austria in 2004 – all this with the only purpose to serve our sacred Guru and his outstanding lineage wholeheartedly by my utmost and in every aspect. In order to continue doing this in the future, I have no other choice than doing what I am about to do.

I am hoping and counting on your support on every level and your solidarity as community. Better two-some but lonesome!

In this spirit, I would like to invite you all to meet virtually once a month in order to get to know each other better. There are so many German speaking students of the dharma, especially of our Guru Vajradhara out there who do not even know that there is a place for them in the heart of Europe. I set up a City Institute that is very easily reachable, also for non-Austrians, public transport is working well! And our Retreat Institute will soon, at least the house, beam in its full glory and offer you all the possibility to dedicate yourself to practice without distraction. Secondary projects will take a little time.

I am quite aware of the fact that especially German speaking students are all loners and that everyone believes it is better to be alone in their own space. Of course you are practicing at home, but a community is invaluable and the exchange as human beings, especially in times like ours, can  hardly be compensated by anything!

Please everyone practice regularly in accordance with the instructions you received from authentic gurus. Being Buddhist does not mean having entered an organization and being trapped in the same, rather it is the firm resolution to develop from an unhealthy to a healthy self I order to step by step approach our limitless inherent love within, the very nature of our mind.

You are all in my hearts and prayers

Chöje Lama Palmo