Two-some never lonesome

Our  modern lives suggest the preeminence of the indivual, the necessity of egoism and individual loftiness. In plain:

Everyone ist the center of the universe and compulsively expects everyone else to move around the fix star of our individual ego. At the same time though, we ceaselessly grow lonely. The consequences are catastrophic, history is full of examples – both past and present. Future ones are looming. On the small and the big scale.

With this attitude people look for dharma centers, wish to make a connection with the dharma. Each and everyone expecting broad accptance for their being, demanding something else, head first. A bunch of individuals used to getting their will. A sense for community is alien to us, a weakness as suggested to us from small on.

In the dharma, we learn of sentient beings for whom we are to develop compassion. That seems totally utopic, unrealistic and sheer impossible, the concept of the weak. Many falter with this on their entire path, even during their meditation sessions.

Feeling solidarily with others is the first step to open our heart to our true being and all other sentient beings. Brothers (politically correct not to forget the sisters!) in arms in our decision to at least recognize all sentient beings’ suffering. Community is the perfect framework to develop those abilities. Why else would we have such things as monasteries or group retreats? We reduce the personal things, time, efforts, sheer everything in favor of the communal ones. We learn to put the needs of others before ours, in the small, to meet others on equal terms, to get along with them, which seems almost impossible these days when we are being stirred up to put ourselves vociferously before others.

Communities are ressources saving, sustainable, seminal as much as necessary. And: two-some never lonesome!

Chöje Lama Palmo