Lamas are…

During the years I have been performing my assignment I have met many people. Many sought a private interview with me for any number of reasons.  Some had seen me on TV, in the print media, read my book, whereas others had been following up my activities for a while from the distance, the majority was just curious about “it”.

I learnt a lot from these encounters, mostly, what others think of my being here. That is why I want to share few thoughts with you about what lamas are NOT.

Lamas are not fortune tellers, New Age counsellors, magicians, priests who follow their call as a job, they are not popstars who care to increase the number of fans following them, they are not jukeboxes to throw in some coins and receive the program chosen. It is not their duty to fulfill our desires and wishes that we are thirsty for. Neither is it their responsibility to provide us, 21st century’s oversaturated individuals, even more exaggerated leisure time facilities. If we are looking for entertainment we better go to the movie theater.

Lamas are here to rescue us from the bewilderment of our own projections by methods that have been passed on for millennias, able to produce great Saints up to present. But only if the student sallies out to work on him/ herself, to apply the methods given.

Hence the lamas’ only reason to teach is to assist those who are honest heartedly willing to set out on the path, to entrust themselves to the lamas in order to reveal their heart with the methods received by the lamas.

Chöje Lama Palmo