Our day to day happiness is very shallow and fragile. Authentic happiness is vast, unconditional and hence overwhelmingly beautiful.

The search for happiness is like a golden line, running through our lives. We obsess over finding something that our hearts know to exist; search and search without ever finding a stable, lasting, inextinguishable aim. And hence conclude that happiness, as being augured by our heart secretly, can not exist.

So we turn into the slaves of our extreme’s dichotomy, manifesting as disturbing emotions. We love, and if that which is being simulated by our perception to ourselves does not fulfill as we, thinking to be the universe’s center, would like our happiness to be put in scene, then our loving attention turns into aversion and hatred. Imprisoned in the ongoing seesaw we then make ourselves believe that this is just the way it is and therefore happiness was truly fickle.

But real happiness lies beyond the subject-object dependency as we practice it now. Therefore I prefer to talk about contentment, rather than happiness as this implies more some kind of randomness like playing in the lottery, which is to be filled with love and joy that becomes infectious with those around us.

If we can get to know, establish, improve and perfect this contentment which is our heart’s essence, (and I am not talking about self-approval), then will we attain our true destination. This is the Buddha’s path.

Chöje Lama Palmo