May the joy be with you!

We all want to feel joy. We long for this lighthearted cheerfulness that gives us wings and drives us to the Greater, lets us shine, beam into the world, touching people.

Desperately we turn each and every stone, experience brief fun but keep denied this heavenly joy.

Drown in self-pitty we keep looking in the outer, fully tensed, dig deeper into un-joy and like addicts throw ourselves into the  mire of outer pleasures in default of trueness. Fun isn’t joy! Temporariness no salvation!!

Joy can only arise from the midst of our hearts and never be object-bound. But how to coax it out of our heart? Through compassion which is being completed into Bodhicitta. The thought and inner motivation to act, think and speak for all sentient beings to attain enlightenment spurs us spontaneously into these spheres of frolicking lightness.

Compassion is the only way towards authentic joy.

May the joy be with us always and we become true heros!

Chöje Lama Palmo