Frankly speaking

Today I would like to be totally open and probably very undiplomatic with you, but attention: definitely not ego-boosting.

The internet is filled with ego-friendly offers. And underneath the label of “Buddhadharma” often a home made coax, hazy mishmash hides out. Uncouth patter, mass market flippancy pairs with narcisstic laxity. Seriously, often I can not believe what I come across on the net or other media!

What do I mean by that? Noone is truly honest with us. Noone has the genuine courage and honesty to show us who we really are, explains to us our potential and is able to, if we are honest, to really elucidate means and ways to us that will bring our potential of the Allembracing to shine.

Why is that so? Because those who want to make us believe through their high gloss folders and attracting commercials, mailings and other marketing hypes that they posses and “had reached the Ultimate”, in truth not even have the means, let alone the result: a limitless heart full of compassion, love and devotion.

Instead, we are being trapped in notions, concepts and increasingly more babel and bewilderment and, through our dishonest and half hearted search contribute to the creation of an entire market. Our ego, the very contrary of which we actually look for, hence becomes stronger and bolder. While that, of which we instinctevly know that “it” exists; the most intimate and that, which is so close to us that we cannot recognise it, is hence being rammed even more.

I usually call this “wrapping the own neurosis in pink cellophane”, as if they were a beautiful present to shine upon the world, and the “All is good self hypnosis”. Nothing is good! Ultimately yes but how we appear, think and conduct ourselves – no way! I warned you, to not be ego-friendly today! Instead of long term grappling this all at its root and healing it piece by piece, we overlay our already walled and fenced in heart even more! Between you and I: Who really wants that?

Buddha gave us everything to awaken our hearts to life. Out of love and compassion. Out of his complete enlightenment.

This is the path I follow. What and whom are you following?

Chöje Lama Palmo