New Year’s greetings from Chöje Lama Palmo for 2020

Dear friends,

time flies and 2019 is yet over again! Our retreat center slowly takes form, I could translate and layout another eleven of Guru Vajradharas’ books, some Tibetan liturgies, all ready for print soon, our social activities are established. In brief, I am trying to wrap everything up that I had started. You may wonder why currently I do no longer travel nor teach whilst at the beginning I did a lot, establishing practice groups everywhere, following many invitations at home and abroad, speaking in front of many people, full halls and sharing Guru Vajradhara’s lineage.

As you know I have been having health problems, actually for 17 years now. Many do not know I had almost died in retreat, only surviving because of Guru Vajradhara’s blessing. Right after retreat he sent me to Japan, then to Austria and I never took the time to bounce back, on the contrary started work immediately which now lets us have two big houses, heavily mortgaged for the next 25 years, though – where our sacred lineage can be practiced and taught. Missing physical strength due to a fully exhausted body was always made up for with stubbornness.

This August, both Western and Tibetan doctors informed me I had two more years to live if no wonder were to emerge, explicitly. That does not bother me at all; my life to my very last breath, is offered to our holy lineage, my supreme Guru Vajradhara, all affairs are being taken care of, the space is there, the uncontrived, unaltered, authentic and honest lineage available. Therefore, it is all excellent!

May we recognize to have a precious human birth and should we be missing one ore another point, work on it to achieve it. May we come to understand the impermanence of all being as beyond brittle theoretical religious knowledge, embrace, imbibe it and all our activities will be blessed by it.

Our daily lives are pervaded by nullity, all we see, hear, perceive; we believe to be real. Like somnolents we panic for love, stumbling from scene to scene in order to reawaken into a new life.

Love comes from within and nobody can give it to us, it is who we are.

May we recognize the meaning of our lifes honestly, unsophisticatedly and renounce the futility of selfishness, strive for the Enlightened Ones!

With prayers,

Chöje Lama Palmo