New Year’s greetings from Chöje Lama Palmo for 2015

Dear friends,

it’s now been five years that we own our new domicile in Purkersdorf near Vienna and unfurl our activities in it.

As you know, our house is a historical one, built in 1867. I am very happy, to bring life into one of our monuments of architecture which Austria is so rich of, and to work there. Houses were built with so much love for the detail; ornaments, moldings, materials of value and duration. We once incorporated so much effort in the composition of our environment.

In order to create beauty, more, to experience it, our hearts need to be happy, content and relaxed. If we do things under pressure, stress and duress, the result will be alike: everything but beautiful.

Beautiy is the expression of our inner joy, our devotion, our compassion; our solidarity with everyone and everything. This is exactly what we are doing in our practice: we learn to discover the beautiful, perfect in us by developing compassion, devotion and trust. Ou practice lineage is so incredibly rich!

What a gift to behold, to be able to practice this inner beauty and riches of our sacred lineage of realized masters in such a beautiful country in such a richt, historical environment like the one we are living in!

I wish all of us, that the inner beauty reveas itself to our inner eye, that wel experience it and to become it.

with prayers,
Chöje Lama Palmo