New Year’s greetings from Chöje Lama Palmo for 2011

2010 has been a very special year – we were able to lay the first step in our projects and succeeded in buying a house for the main center. This is most obviously due to all of our aspirations, endeveours, dedication, efforts and commitment.

Dedication, effort and commitment lay the foundation for our spiritual path as well. It is our will to serve all living creatures, our love and devotion for our enlightened masters, both of which distinguish our forthcoming, development and spiritual growth to the extend to which we are willing to give. Therefore the depth of our outlook and motivation automatically becomes the drive and foundation for an enlarged vision: to take all beings into our consideration.

Not only do we sometimes think of them but take all of them as our family to hence care for them in the same way we do care for our parents, children and friends. By treating all that lives and breathes as our beloved ones we gradually experience openness, harmony and peace of mind.

By cherishing our greater family unbiased and equally, we slowly start to embrace life to a much fuller, deeper and increasingly satisfying sphere. And when we then once decide to truly set out on the journey to discover our pure hearts, our lives become deeply meaningful for both ourselves and all others.

I wish all of us a fuller, deeper and more harmonious, a happy, joyous and satisfying New Year full of love, loving care, in contentment and peace, an even deeper commitment of unbiased love without expectations for our fellow brothers and sisters throughout space.

With prayers
Chöje Lama Palmo


I will enter a retreat starting with january 13 for a currently not yet completely determined period of time. (if you wish to find out details please feel free to contact the office.) Hence I wish all of us to put into practice everything we have so far received from our beloved masters in our daily personal practice as well as in our group practice in the center to honestly become students of our great teachers, to truly follow Lord Buddha’s path und really become glorious guides of beings. In my heart you are all with and near me at all times. May virtue increase and excellence manifest spontaneously as intrinsic universes of gushingly silent grace.