New Year’s greetings from Chöje Lama Palmo for 2010

A very happy, meaningful and joyous New Year! May it be filled with love and happiness, health and wellbeing.

May the light of dharma always glow vividly in our hearts and radiate ever brightest to touch all sentient beings into full awakening. May the calming nectar of peace prevail existence trough all of our truthful endeveours to bear the rich fruit of absolute attainment. May the shower of blessing never cease to sprinkle the seed of love in our very souls to grow into perfect abundance.

May our aspirations, motivation, our speech and actions always be pure so that we may then be able to continue serving the holy dharma. May we remain honest and sincere, steadfast and focused, continuously aware of our innate growing potential. May we become living examples of ultimate peace and rocks of rescue in the waves of Samsara to hence diffuse the light of dharma into all spheres of being.By treasuring, nurturing and developing all of this in the depths of our very souls may we serve sentient beings and our utterly pure lineage and masters until timeless time in joyful exertion. In brief: become a truly ever happy human being!

with prayers,
Chöje Lama Palmo