New Year’s greetings from Chöje Lama Palmo for 2009

A new year is usually and habitually marked by plenty of resolutions. Especially around the time of x-mas the wish for more spirituality grows in us. Out of the same habits these resolutions go over board in the shortest time ever possible.

Why is that? Because we do not know who we really are, what our final destination is, how to reach there and whom to entrust us to to reach this goal.

I wish us to behold this simple truth, to incorporate it and let it grow into the linchpin of our being. May all of us sentient beings, part of the cycle of coming and going continuously practice attentiveness to develop more clarity to eventually blossom into pristine awareness.

I wish us all more courage for generosity, moral discipline, tolerance, endurance and meditation to give birth to primordial wisdom to permeate and burn all our ignorance.

May unconditioned peace fill our hearts. May the light of wisdom ripen in us and stream forth into the world ever brightest. May all sentient beings behold their true nature to grow into full blossom.

With prayers for the achievement of our ultimate goal,
Chöje Lama Palmo