Message for festschrift of 25 years’ anniversary of Austrian Buddhist Society (ÖBR)

“Like this, the Buddha, the Bhagavat, the Tathagata, the Arhat, the Samyaksambuddha, possessing awareness and stability, the Sugata, the Knower of the world, the Guide who tames beings, who is unsurpassed, who is the teacher of gods and humans, the Buddha, Bhagavat is this. […] There is no better than you, or equal to you anywhere. You are the one who enacts the activity of showing the path of liberation to all. […] , the dharmakaya of all buddhas, is permanent and unchanging and endowed with all qualities. This very dharmakaya of the victors abides within me.” (From the Domsum Sojong)

The teachings of the fourth historic Buddha, Buddha Shakyamuni have been unbrokenly transmitted in this world for approximately 2500 years. Since then people have been following his example, have been using the means and methods to practice spirituality, to ripen their mindstream and to become equal to their idol, to attain the same result: complete buddhahood, a state of mind that is absolutely freed of any stain of disturbing emotions. Although one might say the core instructions accord common sense, once reckoned closely they are deep and complex, profound and all-inclusive, hardly graspable for our conditioned mind.

The basic message, one might call it guideline of Buddhism is that simple that we may not believe it: “Do no evil whatsoever, cultivate virtue in abundance and totally tame your own mind. This is the Buddha’s teaching.”

Buddhists practice in order to avoid, conquer and transform their disturbing emotions with a broad variety of methods into a pantheon of wisdom of various activities. These methods and means are being passed on from teacher to disciple according to the student’s ability within the three vehicles, Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana.

In Austria the umbrella organisation of practicing Buddhists of all alive and co-existing traditions and schools has been acknowledged as the representation of the Buddhist religion 25 years ago by the government. All three vehicles with their methods and means to tame our mind are represented. This is an enormeous, undescribable wealth. A treasure which will benefit the individual, society, the country itself. By striving to becoming equal to our sacred idol, the perfect Buddha, we Buddhists can inspire others to work on themselves to transform negativity. By radiating happiness and contentment we can produce a great outcome even within the smallest framework: through exemplifying and simply being. An honest smile is not in need of words, it simply sets fire and perpetuates. It produces peace in mind.

Our responsibility as Buddhists for ourselves and everyone else is to work on ourselves to cultivate this peace in mind. Austria, the heart of Europe beats with loving kindness, compassion and unconditioned happiness. This is my vision for the future.

With prayers and best wishes
Chöje Lama Palmo

(from: Festschrift for the celebration of 25 years acknowledgement of Buddhist religion in Austria by the government)