Our Regular Practice Schedule

COVID UPDATE as per Spring 2023

Currently, all the Covid related measures are lifted. However, in order to ensure health and safety of all, kindly

  1. Keep distance and observe hygiene measures
  2. Wearing of face masks is optional
  3. If you consider to visit us it is compulsory to answer some questions.

and pertaining to those hygene rules, our practice until further notice will take place as follows:

Owing to Chöje Lama Palmo‘s critical condition, our regular meditations are currently administered by members of our community.

Dates for practice are currently irregular du to the construction site of our Retreat Institute as we often spend time on the premises to be able to complete renovation soon. Therfore, if you wish to join us in practice, kindly contact us ahead your planned coming and find out when we will be in the city!

You may find additional practice days like Losar, etc. in our calendar.

due to being under heavy adaption and construction and Covid regulations, our regular meditation is currently only for individuals on site.


If you consider visiting one of our houses we request you to contact us ahead.

We suggest to get acquainted with etiquette in Buddhist Institutes.