Movie night and video teachings

Movie night

Once a month, we will watch a movie together in our City Institute, starting at 18:00 hrs. Of course, they are films inspired by the dharma, films about activities in the dharma, about us, etc.

With that, we want to deepen a sense of community and grow into a strong and motivated dharma family. You need not be a Buddhist to view these movies.

Entry: suggested offering € 15.-


Since currently Guru Vajradhara and many other lamas are not able to travel in person to teach, we nevertheless are honored to receive video teachings of sacred teachings.

We will air the recorded transmissions in our City Institute, in our shrine room, at 10:30 hrs and view them together in order to study the sacred dharma.

The recorded dharma teachings are by Guru Vajradhara H. H. Chamgon Kenting Tai Situpa

Entry: suggested offering € 15.-