Saving lives

In our institutes lives are being set free, according to the weather on different occasions such as the birthdays of our Gurus to lengthen their lives, with prayers as part of a ceremony conducted by Chöje Lama Palmo whilst those who sponsored the lives are part of the ceremony, their names being integrated into the prayers. (You may also attend the ceremony. Contact the office should you wish to be physically present.)

As a longterm project and in line with the Buddhist practice of saving lives, we are created an old age home for farming and feral animals in our retreat institute and each and every animal we give shelter tois being offered to the Three Jewels, an ongoing live saving activity through food, vets, lodging and care. Read more about Palpung Europe Welfare and become a sponsor to an animal!

Saving lifes is a Buddhist tradition to save the lives of animals destined to be killed. In this context we should remember that even without the intention to kill we indispensably take the life of other beings, only through our being alive. We cannot completely avoid this situation and as long as we walk, breathe, eat, etc. we automatically cause the death of many beings. Even if we cannot avoid it we can still contribute to taking the lives of other beings through awareness and mindfulness.

In this context the practice of saving lives plays an important role. As Buddhists we offer the benefit of this practice to all sentient beings, the long life ofBuddhist masters and practitioners and to the flourishing of the Dharma while offering animals, destined to be killed, to the Three Jewels and Three Roots. In this way the animals also make a connection with the Dharma.