Sacred bond

The connection between teacher and disciple is sacred. It is capable to lead us out of the dense jungle of our confusions into the light of our own hearts. Samaya (skr.; damtsig tib.) is mostly understood to be a kind of obligation as if it were a task to be regularly executed, clapped onto us via random generator.

That is very wrong. True is that this sacred bond between teacher and student is a direct connection from heart to heart. It was not forced upon us; we ourselves request it from the teacher! It exclusively serves the purpose to open our heart to our teacher: in love. I am not talking about romantic feelings! It is a growing trust and faith which enables us, if we follow the instructions of our teacher openly and honestly, to establish Buddha (skr. awoken heart) ourselves.

This sacred connection can solely be distroyed by ourselves: through respectlessness which transforms devotion and trust which connected our hearts with the teacher, into rejection, resentment and anger.

Chöje Lama Palmo