Religion – no thanks?

If we derive the word religion from its Latin root “religare“, then we see that it means ” to reconnect with”. This actually describes very precisely what the Buddhadharma really means. We do not talk about “Buddhism” (a Western invention attributed to describe a thousands year old tradition to a historical person), nor religion.

The Buddhadharma comprises all the means, methods, the compassion, unwavering trust and blessing, the sum of which can fully awaken our buried heart. It is not an institution or organisation. The speed at which we progress fully depends on ourselves: our compassion, bodhicitta, our trust, our onepointedness, perseverance, and joyous diligence.

We do not join a club, or society and become members of interessing schools of thought. Bullying and acquiring new notions won’t lead us anywhere either. Rather, it will bloat our ego even more.

Let us take the offered medicine and heal our broken hearts, reconnect with ourselves!

Chöje Lama Palmo