Everyone talks about meditation. And everyone has their own opinion on what IT probably is. Often I have heard different ideas on the subject by people who came to see me, – they ranged from “to daydream”, to more or less “have conversations with oneself”, up to “stress relief” and “boredom”, as I was told.

But it all has nothing to do with it. Meditation, in the simplest form, gom in Tibetan, means to familiarize oneself with oneself. Not in the intellect but in the heart, our mind. A more comprehensive definition, samten in Tibetan, means to settle in the heart in the Here and Now.

In order to do that we need the guidance of a physical teacher. Books don’t do us any good since we are exposing ourselves to our own knowledge and hence won’t succeed to deepen it.

A living teacher on the other hand works with us on the level we are on and helps us to transcend it.

Chöje Lama Palmo