Mea Culpa Maxima – My big guilt

We love our guilt. The guiltier, the better. The more bent the more truthful. Likeweise, we believe to be able to get out of anything and wash our hands off whatever just by that.

In the Buddhadharma we learn that mistakes are a chance, if not the chance to change old habits and simply wrong.

The factor of purification is not to wallow in our own guilt, rather to recognise our wrongs which the Latin actually proposes. We realise,  admit, regret and make by a firm decision not to repeat those mistakes we did.

Blunder and wrongs if being used correctly are that positive momentum leading us from meander back to the right path. We are not irrevocably doomed in the eternal dammnation of our own shortcomings! Nobody will send salvation from anywhere to get us out of this selfmade dungeon of self pitty! Mistakes are our chance. We just have to grab it.

Each moment offers the possibility of a change for the better. And it is in our own and not someone else’s hands.

Chöje Lama Palmo