Another brick in the wall

Who does not know this wall we built around us in order to protect “us” of “the others”.

Brick by brick we build our own prison which to escape not only seems desirable but also impossible.

“I wish I were free!” Yet, our heart is immured in our dungeon just like Rapunzel and awaits Prince Charming to ransom us.

Princes exist but in fairy tales. No matter how long we wait for him, he won’t come and this freedom that we thirst for so deeply, yearn for so loudly simply lays in our own and not in others’ hands.

Being the builder of this oubliette who precisely knows the means and methods of its very construction we need to revise our perfiduous doing, revert it and take down brick by brick to get to our heart.

Freedom is nothing coming from outside, arising from the distinction of everything and everyone. The path to freedom starts with the firm decision to take down this wall surrounding our heart, demolish it and hence let our innermost stream freely for everyone and everything, let it well forth of us without wanting to tame or restrain it.

In this stream of grace, embedded in gratefulness we recognize we are connected with everyone and everything, our neurosis as the fetters of our soul, the bricks of our dungeon homemade and the wall of our perdition simply an illusion.

Chöje Lama Palmo