Guru Vajradhara Chamgon Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche’s
New Year’s blessing 2016 – Text version

Greeting for 2016 New Year!

New Year by definition is one more year in our life begins today. And it is a great opportunity for us to make a clear decision and clear aspiration and inspiration. We know we are one of the hundreds of millions of human beings on this planet. And we are very fortunate one because we are the master of this planet, humanity is ruling this planet. So with this appreciation, we should also know the privilege comes with responsibility, and our responsibility is to be a worthy master. A person who will make the life of everyone on this earth better and person who will take care of everything that this beautiful planet offers to us.

And we also will think very, very seriously, the next generation and generation after that, the future generations, their fate is in our hand. And we should consider very strongly that we have responsibility for all the future generations to come. The kind of environmental they will live in, kind of ideology harmony that they will have among each other, and also the mother earth. We have to respect its gift, gift of life, fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food, and beautiful environment surrounding. All of this should not be taken for granted, we should notice how beautiful this planet is, and how privileged we are to be on this planet, and how wonderful to be alive. And how wonderful all the other living creatures are, so we should not take advantage of their innocence and their generosity. We should appreciate and give back to the earth, to the space, to the sky, to the ocean, to the river, to the mountains, to the plants, to the deserts, to the grassland, to the lakes and to all the other living creatures. We should be a person with honor and gratitude, and person who is dedicated. This way we can enjoy this life happily, and also we will not feel guilty about enjoying this life happily, because we are not indulging it, we are enjoying it, but not indulging it. There is enormous difference between indulging and enjoying. We should share our happiness with everyone, by sharing our happiness and joy and privilege, we will not become less happy, less joyful, less privileged. It’s actually make us happily honored, happily privileged, rather than unhappily, because lots of people I know they feel guilty, there is beautiful surroundings and beautiful homes beautiful gardens they live in, at the same time they feel guilty because everybody doesn’t have such things. There are so many hundreds and hundreds of millions of people even don’t have a decent drinking water every day. So if you give back to the planet, back to the mother earth, instead of just taking and not thinking about future. When you give back, then you don’t feel guilty, you are doing your duty.

You should never think, and I should never think ‘I am just one person and doesn’t matter whatever I try because it wouldn’t make any difference’. No! One person, two person, one million person, one billion person all of that is individuals, one billion individual persons make one billion person. Therefore if one of us says ‘I wouldn’t make any difference.’ If everybody say that then this world will be in a very bad shape. So I focus this time on the giving back to the earth. Instead of just taking from the earth, and enjoying the great honor and privilege that we human beings have, at the same time, not indulging it. And may this year be year of contemplation, year of environmental universal consciousness rising. And actively involved in harmony, harmony between humanity and nature, humanity and other creatures on this earth, humanity among other humanity, one ideology to another ideology, one race to another race. So this is what I call ‘Active Peace’, or in harmony. So all the best for all of you. Happy New Year!

Don’t think too much, don’t worry too much. Just be happy and do your best to be a good happy person, and good kind person. Thank you. All the best. Happy New Year! Buddha bless you! Whatever divinity that you believe in, or if you don’t believe in any divinity, that’s fine, you must believe in something, so that bless you. All the best! Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Happy New Year 2016!