Marpa Kagyu

Marpa Kagyu starts with Buddha Shakyamuni. From him it came to the Indian Master Tilopa who transmitted it to his main disciple Naropa. Naropa’s main disciple was Marpa Lotsawa (one of the incarnations of Chamgon Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche). Marpa spent 21 years with his master Naropa in India and translated all the riches he had brought with him. He brought the lineage to Tibet in the 11th century and established it in his homeland. Marpa’s main disciple was Milarepa whose main disciple was Gampopa. One of the four main disciples of Gampopa was the 1st Karmapa.

From these four, Marpa Kagyu developed into four lineages of the first generation and eight of the second generation.

Karma Kagyu through Dusum Khyenpa, the first Karmapa.
Tshal Kagyus through Dakpo Gomtsul
Barom Kagyu through Barom Dharma Wangchuk
Phadru Kagyu through Phagmo Drupa Gyalpo

The Phadru Kagyu tradition further developed into

Drikung Kagyu through Drikung Jigten Sumgon Gonpo
Taglung Kagyu through Taglung Thangpa Tashi Pal
Trophu Kagyu through Rinpoche Gyaltsa and Künden Tsangpa Repa
Mar Kagyu through Choje Marwa Druptop
Yamzang Kagyu through Yamzang Choje
Drug Kagyu through Tsangpa Yeshe Dorje
Shugseb Kagyu through Nyephu Gyergon Chenpo und
Yel Kagyu through Yelphukpa

excerpted from The Himalayas and Beyond