Ratna Lingpas prohpecies

Chenrazig – Noble Compassionate One In the Manifestation of the Karmapa 

In the treasure predictions of Ratna Lingpa it is said

Upholding the activity of Avalokiteshvara, the mantric yogi with awesome behavior, endowed with the name Human Saint Karmapa will transverse the whole land. He will tame beings and protect them with skillful means and compassion.

Thus he has been praised as being an emanation of Avalokiteshvara in the various Treasure Predictions of all the undisputed great revealers, the renowned representatives of Padmakara , who have appeared up through the fifteenth, sixty year cycle such as Dorje Lingpa, Karma Lingpa and others.

Orgyen Rinpoche, with his vajra speech, has said

When seeing his face for but the fraction of an instant, the karmic obscurations of seven rebirths will surely be dispelled.