Our Teachings and Retreats

COVID UPDATE as per Spring 2023

Currently, all the Covid related measures are lifted. However, in order to ensure health and safety of all, kindly

  1. Keep distance and observe hygiene measures
  2. Wearing of face masks is optional
  3. If you consider to visit us it is compulsory to answer some questions.

Discovering the Buddha within
new teaching and practice program
in the Palpung Europe City Institute
24. – 27. August 2023
Prerequisite: open

Chungpo Gyalton Rinpoche in Palpung Europe 2022
Chungpo Gyalton Rinpoche will visit us in our City Institute Purkersdorf October 15 and 16 and teach How to approach the nature of mind and give an empowerment of Amithaba.
Prerequisite: open

We are starting our  ONLINE practice community for you to ask yll your personal questions abour your personal spiritual practice.
Prerequistie: open

Chöje Lama Palmo’s teaching schedule cancelled

Owing to Lama-la’s health and until further notice, there will be no teachings or any other activities conducted by her. She will of course continue with all her activities as soon as possible. While seriously sick, she so far has sent us three inspiring articles: Defying …, My joy arises …, Shy…. Meanwhile she asks all of us to practice diligently, with the right motivation. Please keep checking this page for updates or subscribe to our newsletter!

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For our further practice program see our calender and also check our our regular practice schedule.

Children of any age are very welcome and enjoy special contributions.