Prediction of the fifth Karmapa, Dezhin Shegpa

fter the Sixteenth in the rosary of Karmapa
Before the Seventeenth, an incarnation of a demon
One spoken of as relation
Will arise in this seat, Sacho.

By the power of the person’s perverted aspirations,
The Karmapa lineage will be near destruction.
At that time, one having true aspirations from previous life,
A heart emanation of Padmasambhava,

From the Western direction [with Lhasa as the Center].
One with a circle of moles, fierce and wrathful
Whose mouth speaks wrathful speech,
Having dark brown colour and eyes protruding [the colour of thewrathful aspect of Padmasambhava].

This one will subdue the incarnation of the samaya breaker,
He will protect Tibet and Kham for a while.
At that time happiness, like beholding the sun
In this Tibet will occur, I think.
Without this, even if karmically virtuous ones come
The dharma will wane downwards,
As fruit of the negative aspirations of the demon.

It will be difficult for happiness to arise.
From the inside the king of the centre will be defiled
The emanation of demon, an officer of high rank [also, „minister“],coming from Kong,
Will disturb the center and destroy the center’s domain [also, „territory“or „kingdom“].
Many outsiders not existing before [not on the scene before],

[Not knowing] what has arisen, will conceal [the meaning is clearer if the line following is taken in context].
The beings of the degenerate times, will be seduced [also, „duped“] by the demon.
Not having faith in Dharma, will become full of suffering.
Upper, lower and middle, in all three regions,
Blood of disturbances and arguments will rain.
From quarrels, disturbances and debates,
There will be no place of peace even for awhile.
Except for this very tormented fetters (fetters, bonds, whether material or moral),
There is no liberty.

Three precious ones, the three roots and the Dharma protectors,
It is not that they don’t have compassion.
Due to the Karma of beings and the power of aspirations of the demon,
A degenerating time of Buddha’s lineage will arrive.
At that time the Secret Lineage Dharma,
Will have more power and bring swift blessings. 

English translation revised version by © Palpung Europe