Palpung Europe Welfare News 2020

Palpung Europe Welfare News Fall 2020
New cat house evolves

We are currently building a second cat house, so that a second feral cat colony can be started spring, at the latest.

The new house, the Casa Felium II, still needs a door, windows, cat doors and the interior as well as its insulation but its plate is prepared, such as are those for the next projects for more animals.

Stay tuned and please help us feed all our hungry felines!

Palpung Europe Welfare News May 2020
Fratzi needed our vet

Our cheeky Fratzi trapped and hurt her foot while playing around. Katzenjammer and pain being visible, she needed medical help. Please contribute so that she and our other portégés ongoingly get all the medical care they need.    

Palpung Europe Welfare News March 2020
Schecki undergoing multiple OPs

Our Schecki, oldest of all seniors residents is currently being operated on both ears and her hundreds of tumors removed. We gratefully accept both your prayers and attributions.

Palpung Europe Welfare News February 2020
RIP Gerti

Our Gerti passed away Februar 15, 2020, midday in our comforting and warm cat house. We had already expected it and looked for her well-being with more care. Lamala conducted prayers for her the very same day. RIP, dear Gerti!