Palpung Europe Welfare News 2019

Palpung Europe Welfare News November 2019
Sponsoring one of our animals - a meaningful Christmas present!

ALL of our animals still need sponsors. What a lovely Christmas present to give and conribute to other beings’s life and gift our beloved ones with that sustainable surprise! Although some animals already have one sponsore we evaluated that, in order to sufficiently care for each and every animal and also to be prepared for vet bills of which we had plenty this year, each cat really needs 5 sponsors, also owing to the winters here to be very long and frosty which also means a way higher demand of food to keep our protégés warm. Please help through your contribution!

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Palpung Europe Welfare News November 2019
food for the winter

We found a new source of cat food that our animals really like. Besides dried food we already have in stock they will from now on no longer receive canned food, rather fresh meat which we would like to order at a larger scale. Our cats like it better and we do no longer produce any waste! Kindly help us, so our cats keep having a full bowl to start into the severe winter in our region that has already started, round and sound.

Palpung Europe Welfare News September 2019
Our cat house is growing!

We are currently extending our cat house on the back of the existing one so that those ferals who are decrepit, disabled or, due to special circumstances in quarantine will have more space. Further entries are created, the boxes will have more snuggly cubby holes, layered with sheepskins providing our cats with a warm home.

Palpung Europe Welfare News August 2019
Bärli is back

Bärli returned, Lama-la has picked him up. He still lives in quarantine after his four-week stay with the vet and we are currently preparing him for the big, wide world. He is now learning to walk again on a leash and to get along with the now different situation. Soon he will move into our expanded cat, into one of the disabled compartments house.

Palpung Europe Welfare News Juli 2019
Bärli received emergency OP!

Bärli had an emergency surgery last Saturday and parts of 2 paws had to be amputated, he lost a bit of his tail and also of his tongue, the rear leg was totally shattered and was down to the bone with shredded tendons. The surgery lasted 6 hours until after midnight. Our brave guy fought for a week for his life, but now he’s out of life’s danger. Bärli stays in intensive care at the vet for a total of 2 weeks. Lama Palmo has already visited him, he is weak, but good things. Thanks for all the prayers! Please help us to settle the veterinary bill, which will be around 1000 Euro. Thanks for your contribution!