About us

Palpung Europe Welfare is Palpung Europe‘s arm of charitable activities where we practice our social responsibility actively in service of the community.

Besides few smaller undertakings engaging punctually, directly and indirectly in local projects, our main focus has been providing space for animals with farming background in our Retreat Institute since 2014 in accordance with the Buddhist tradition of saving lives and after having been blessed by the Three Jewels in a ceremony, a sphere where they can spend their evening of life both carefree and cared for, as they please.

Our project found its home in our Retreat Institute, embedded into a farming background. Generally, the handling of animals, not only of so called “production animals” is shameful, in all briefness. Cats for example are a an annoying byproduct of missed sterilizations. The animals are also not really being fed, if anything, they are tolerated in stables as long as they catch mice. Mostly, they are totally feral, fully on their own and often had endured bad abuse by people. Some organisations catch such animals and try to resocialize the young ones and kittens to find families to adopt them.

What remains are the old, feral, neglected, run-down, demented, handicapped animals nobody wants.

This is where we step in. We are taking on such old animals according to our capacity and offer them their known lifestyle without trying to change them into house cats: They own a warm cat house, away from people’s house, roam the area freely, sunbathe lazily on their own bench in front of their house, receive food in compliance with their needs, receive medical care and once they pass, are accompanied by special prayers. We try to give them the caring retirement and hospice they so well deserve.

Some of them hesitatingly approach us, while others remain wild. But they all love to use their warm insulated house where each and every cat has a cozy and fluffy little cat cave for “a bit of privacy”. The pack cohabits well though they all come from different corners and situations and live playfully, dozing and cuddly as a colony.

Currently we give home to one pack of cats, summer 2021 another pack will join them in our second cat house. We are gratefully accepting support for them (e.g. through our donation button on the right).

More and different animals will follow up as soon as accommodation will have been built. You are cordially invited to help us create those new places!