Palpung Europe Welfare News 2021

Palpung Europe Welfare September News 2021
3legged Felix arrived

Fresh out of surgery three-leggeed Felix arrived here 9/11 and went straight into quarantine. Lamala performed prayers for his wellbeing straight away as she always does with new arrivals. Photos of the other new arrivals are meanwhile online, too.




Palpung Europe Welfare News August 2021
new protégés arrived

Some new cats found their forever home with us out of a hoarding situation, more are to follow up. They include one-eyed, three legged and totally neglected animals. Thanks to HUMANITAS Katzenhilfe.




Palpung Europe Welfare News July 2021
Schecki passed away

Our Schecki passed away very peacefully in our hands July 15 2021, in the early morning. Until her very last breath, she continued to eat and drink, even if it was little, her bandages were changed several times every day. She loved to lay on the path to our house, see the picture that was taken few days before her passing and she loooooooved to be pet. Lama Palmo immediately made special prayers for her journey.


Palpung Europe Welfare News Winter 2021
Some of our retirees left us this winter

Unfortunately, some of our retirees left us this winter and passed away peacefully, see our animals. They were accompanied by prayers and will be missed for sure!