Our work

Since 2014, and in line with the Buddhist tradition of saving lives we are undertaking an old age home and hospice for either handicapped, sick or simply old farming animals. Currently we are taking in feral or farm cats and want to ease the suffering of wild or neglected farm cats, left to themselves who always lived freely around the vicinity of a farm or strays, suddenly finding themselves forgotten, homeless or boxed in in shelters and would never, due to their advanced age or being handicapped turn into a domestic cat. Our animals live fully kennel-free and move about freely in their surroundings, as they please. We built them two cat houses, fully insulated, a bit distanced from our Retreat Institute for sufficient privacy with loads of cuddly caves, booths and other havens, inclduing a bench for sun bathing.

We learnt that our farm had always been quite cat-affine. At its peak fifteen cats lived here! We’ve reached that mark just now. In the future, more different animals will join us to diversify our old age home.

We started our practical activities for the benefit of specially animals with taking in three cats, Bärli, Fratzi and Blinka into our Retreat Institute from a discontinued farm. These three were used to humans but never limited in their freedom and lived in their own self-chosen hideaway which they freely roamed.

Soon a male feral cat from our area joined them whom we finally named Fritz who used to scare away from humans but liked to be fed together with our cats. Meanwhile he is living with them and even lets very few chosen people pet him.

Then we inherited more cats from animal shelters or farms directly which, too were not used to humans at all or barely accepted them, some of them handicapped and had come to age as well. They would else have spent their last years behind bars in agony. With us they have all the liberties to move as freely as they wish for, are being fed, roam the area. They settled in just greatly.

More animals with similar background will soon follow up as soon as the necessary accommodation will be available.

Our animals usually leave us after a brief sickness, at a high age, without fear and pain – in so far we are able to actively influence it. They are being accompanied by prayers during their journey.

All work is done by students of the dharma, ensuring that each and every euro is being used solely for our animals’ needs.

Please help us!