Palpung Europe Financial plan

1. Monthly fix costs 2017
(partially raised already)

4,575.32 € composed of mortgage rates for both houses and other fixed costs such as gas, water, electricity, insurances, communal fees, webhosting, etc. The detailled table is available with our office. The fix costs however do not include any administrative expenses whatsoever since everything is volontarily and honorarily done and each and every Euro is being spent directly for our activities.

2. Next step of adaption in the Retreat Institute

Development of the first floor of the Eastern part of the farm. All permissions are already received. Based on our estimates in our project description, we will need approximately 200,000 €.

3. Completion of the City Institute

Comprise a shrine in the Residence, a shrine in the guest Rinpoche room, 8 stupas commemorating the 8 most important steps in Lord Buddha’s life, 1000 Buddhas for the main shrine room, further 1000 Buddhas throughout the house’s altars and prayer wheels along one side of the facade.


You may support us project-bound, donate once or recurring, become a supporting member, organize activities in consultation with and in favor of Palpung Europe, write a will in our favor and so much more.