FeesThrough your contribution you actively take part in our various activities of The European Seat of The Chamgon Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche and hence not only do good for yourself but also others as well. No wages or allocations of any kind are being paid, each and every Euro is being used directly and goes into our many activities.

We solely finance from volontary aid and means and do not receive any allocations from the government, public authorities or institutions, organizations or possible national or international umbrella organizations. 

Please know that all your contributions as well as your regular support, in brief all your allocations exclusively go into our manyfolds activities and the running of our institutes, no salaries whatsoever are being covered by that.

If you meet the lama in a private interview, it is considered polite to make an offering to the teacher. Please consider this a time invested in one’s health and honor it with an according allocation.

Kids of any age are always welcome in our houses.