Volonteers’ Day

Volonteers' DayYou are welcome to spend time with us for the maintancence of the centers and to participate in smaller projects in and around them.

Our Volonteers’ Days start at 09:00 hours with our Tara Puja, lasting the entire day. You may attend puja or not, come later and leave earlier or not. But we REQUEST you to please communicate this ahead of your coming.

Our Volonteers Days are grouped around our Meditation for beginners, starting at 14:15 hours and possible introductions into Buddhism at 13:00 hours. Kindly register for any of the teachings here.

Concerning food – we ask you to bring food so we can share our meal in potluck and picknick style.

Kids of any age are always welcome in our houses.

We are looking forward to your coming! Registering is mandatory.

If this is your first visit it is always helpful to read our etiquette guidelines.


Schedule in our
City Institute Purkersdorf

  13. May 2018
  10. June 2018
  23. September 2018
  18. November 2018
  09. December 2018
  13. January 2019
  10. February 2019
Schedule in our
Rural Institute Langschlag

 to be announced